Novosibirsk – Part 3

<< Part 2 I am at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport waiting for my connecting flight. The early morning flight out of Novosibirsk meant that I got to sleep for just three hours. When putting that in context with the events of last night (see Part 2), you can see why I might be nursing a “mild” [...]

Novosibirsk – Part 2

<< Part 1 Martyn and I just returned from an absolutely wild dinner with a bunch of LEDAS folks at an absolutely amazing Armenian restaurant. The food was absolutely out of this world. We lost count of how many Armenian vodkas we downed. We had them in increasing levels of concentrations: 40%, 46%, 51% and [...]

Novosibirsk – Part 1

Martyn Day from DEVELOP3D and I are in Novosibirsk in Siberia to visit LEDAS, a very interesting Russian software research and development company. We spent the entire day at LEDAS and learned a great deal about them, a lot of which was highly classified and not for public consumption. I intend to write more about [...]

Parking Moscow Style

Due to severe shortage of parking space, this kind of parking is perfectly normal in Moscow. Never seen anything like this before.

Dinner At Cafe Pushkin

This evening David Levin from Ledas hosted a dinner for early attendees of the COFES-Russia Seminar. The location was Cafe Pushkin, considered by many to be one of the best restaurants in Moscow. The restaurant is housed in a 19 century mansion and you feel as if you have been transported back in time. And [...]

Wandering On The Moscow Metro

When I did an internet search for “things to do in Moscow” I was a bit surprised that people were recommending taking a trip on the underground Moscow Metro. I have been on a number of subways in various large cities but never considered them to be tourist attractions. Even my tour guide yesterday made [...]

High In Moscow

I have this thing for restaurants perched up on tall structures. So when I learned that the Swisotel in Moscow had one on the 34th floor called City Space Bar & Lounge, I got interested. I looked it up on the internet and when I found this page saying “the best and most fashionable cocktails [...]

Roaming In Moscow

Yesterday I arrived in Moscow to attend the isicad 2010 and COFES Russia Seminar as well as visit a few CAD vendors. Since this is my first time to Russia I decided to come a couple of days early and do some tourist stuff. Moscow reminds me a lot of Mumbai. Two striking similarities are [...]


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