3D Printed Rocketpack Robot

Rocketpack Robot 3D printed on a Cube 3 in ABS using a resolution of 200 microns. No need for supports or raft.

3D Printed GoPro Remote Handlebar Mount

Tired of using a velcro strip to strap my GoPro’s remote to my motorcycle’s handlebar, I decided to design a mount for it. I used Cubify Invent (just $49) to create a simple design that would lend itself to be 3D printed on my Cube 3D printer. If you see the GoPro mounts in the [...]

3D Printed GoPro Belt Clip

Today I printed a belt clip for my GoPro Hero 3+ on my three year old Cube 3D printer. This is the first Cube 3D printer ever sold on the planet and is still going strong.

3D Printed Colosseum

Today I printed the Colosseum (in part) on one of the Cube 3D printers in the office at a resolution of 200 microns, which in lay man’s terms, is a quick and dirty print. But check out the fine details even in this draft printing mode. I canceled the print half way so that I [...]

Happy Diwali

Today is Diwali, the festival of lights. Diwali comes from the word deepavali which means a row of lights. I printed a lamp today on one of our Cube 3D printers using this SolidWorks model. Click to enlarge Here’s wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Diwali.

3D Printed Gravity Screw

My friend Mark Burhop from Siemens PLM is an avid 3D printing fan. The other day he sent me a STL file to print on my Cube 3D printer. I’m calling this the 3D printed gravity screw. ;-)  

3DMe – The Epitome Of Personalization

One of the nice things about 3D printing is that it gives you the power to personalize something, make it one of a kind and special. See my earlier blog post titled “The Joys Of Personalized 3D Printing” where I designed a personalized stand for my iPhone. To do something like this you need to [...]

Cubes Conquer Stanford

By David Lewis A year after their commercial debut at Stanford, the Cube Printers were back at “The Farm” and inspired an entirely new group of students with the possibilities of 3D Printing. Last year we were at Stanford for the Cool Product Expo and the MIT/Stanford VLAB event on 3D Printing. The Cube was [...]

Democratizing 3D Content Generation With Cubify AppCreate

Companies often use the word “democratization” in their marketing. Executives like to use it in interviews and speeches. People have heard the word so much that some consider it to be a marketing buzzword and nothing more. Democratization is about empowerment. It about taking something that has been restricted to a select few and letting [...]

3D Printing Isn’t Rocket Science Anymore

3D printing used to be like rocket science, but not any more. As we build out the various features of Cubify and the Cube 3D Printer we have been using our kids as focus groups to validate whether the stuff we are doing is really for consumers. Yesterday my son Reuben (now 9 years old) asked [...]


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