How To Create iPhone And iPad “Apps” Using 3DVIA

According to Dassault Systemes 3DVIA is a cloud-based service that provides web and mobile marketing apps for you to share your work in 3D. It is meant for anyone who wants to present their ideas and products in a variety of engaging and interactive 3D formats. 3DVIA lets you offer your 3D content in three [...]

3DMe – The Epitome Of Personalization

One of the nice things about 3D printing is that it gives you the power to personalize something, make it one of a kind and special. See my earlier blog post titled “The Joys Of Personalized 3D Printing” where I designed a personalized stand for my iPhone. To do something like this you need to [...]

How To Use The New 3D Print Feature In ZW3D 2013

I’m not very fond of press releases that make me think hard. PR people spend to much time saying things in press release they shouldn’t and end up missing the point of it all by a mile. For example, take today’s press release from ZWSoft titled “3D Printing Inspires New Working Style in CAD/CAM Software [...]

Taking Advantage Of Configurations In Alibre Design

Ever since I started writing about the Cube and 3D printing in general, my readership has grown in a different direction – people who are completely alien to the world of CAD. Maybe it would help to explain at this point that CAD stands for “Computer Aided Design”. ;-) A reader of my post titled [...]


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