What’s New In BricsCAD V14

Here are some of the new features that have been added to BricsCAD V14 that I found interesting. Generative Drafting This is the automatic generation of 2D drawings from 3D models just like any other mainstream MCAD application. Full associativity is maintained between the 3D model and the derivative 2D drawings. This will be available [...]

BricsCAD V14 – The Quad Is Dead, Long Live The Quad

In BricsCAD V12, Bricsys added an on screen gizmo called the quad cursor to let users perform direct modeling operations. More information on the quad is here. In BricsCAD V14, they have completely revamped it to a point where they really can’t call it a quad anymore. The way it works when you hover the [...]

SolidWorks Releases eDrawings For Android

Fed up carrying around two phones, an iPhone 4 and a BlackBerry Curve, this weekend I decided to ditch both of them for a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini dual sim running Android 4.2.2. And it turns out today SolidWorks released its eDrawings viewer for Android. Over a year ago SolidWorks had released eDrawings for iPad [...]

Design Optimization Using SolidThinking Inspire

The traditional way of designing something is to create a 3D model in a CAD system, subject it to loads and boundary conditions in an analysis software, study the results and tweak the design. You do this till you are satisfied with the outcome and then go build a prototype to test the design in [...]

Spatial Announces Major Releases Of Their 3D Components

Today Spatial, the 3D component arm of Dassault Systemes, announced major releases of their 3D components: R24 of 3D ACIS Modeler, 3D Mesh and 3D InterOp R2014 of Convergence Geometric Modeler and Constraint Design Solver Here is a list of new features I found interesting in the R24 release of 3D ACIS Modeler, 3D Mesh and [...]

Graebert Releases Free OnlineMaps For Free Draftsight

Today Graebert released a free plug-in called OnlineMaps for the free version of DraftSight, the 2D AutoCAD clone that they created for Dassault Systemes. The plug-in sits inside the DraftSight user interface as a new menu item. Clicking the menu item pops up a window where you can search for an address. I searched for [...]

Lagoa Offers Cloud Based Collaborative 3D Rendering

Back in 2010 Thiago Costa wrote the Lagoa multiphysics simulator, something that is best explained by this video. He licensed it to Autodesk and Ubisoft Digital Arts, the company he worked before left to found Lagoa Technologies in September 2010. Thiago is well known in the media and entertainment industry and has received screen credits [...]

Delcam Rewrites PowerMILL Robot Interface

Delcam had a piece off software written in Visual Basic which could drive a robot to machine parts. Today the company announced that they have completely rewritten it and made it available as a plug-in to its flagship PowerMILL CAM product. The advantage of the Robot Interface being a plug-in is that it makes it [...]

McNeel Releases Neon For Rhinoceros

McNeel has released Neon 1.0, a plug-in for Rhino 5.0. Neon is a real-time fully ray-traced viewport plug-in developed in collaboration with Caustic. Existing Rhino 5.0 users can download it free of cost from here. Neon adds a new viewport mode to Rhino called “Raytraced with Neon”. There is no other UI to it. Neon [...]

GrabCAD Workbench First Impressions

Today GrabCAD announced a beta of GrabCAD Workbench, an online secure 3D collaboration platform targeted to CAD users. Think of it as Dropbox in a browser with a WebGL viewer to 3D preview your files. You can create projects and invite others to collaborate with you. I signed up for the beta, created a project [...]


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