• kevinquigley

    This is nothing like any SolidWorks I've ever seen Deelip, Mac or not. Are those parts on the right? Sort of like a visual assembly tree? What Mac was this running on? Laptop or all singing all dancing Mac Pro…'cos I've never seen MCAD graphics like that on any Mac app before.

  • DC

    Deelip – something's wrong with the pic. On clicking to enlarge, I get a “Not Found; The requested document was not found on this server.” Maybe you should check…

  • Just fixed it. Thanks.

  • Its not a native app. Its using a cloud based technology and running through a web browser

  • True. SolidWorks did a horrible job explaining exactly what they were up to, which then led to a number of clarifications form their executives.

  • Sam Anderson

    Woah… that interface is niiiice! Anyone have any more recent information on this software for Mac?