Think3 Customer Poll

For a while now I have been receiving emails from Think3 customers expressing their views on the acquisition of Think3 by Versata (see “Who Bought Think3?“). One of them referred to the new release as “ridiculous with plenty of bugs” and claims that it is simply the last available beta.

I have created a poll to try and get a sense of the mood of the Think3 customer base. If you are a Think3 customer (not a former employee who was laid off) I urge you to take part in the poll below and express  how happy you are with your CAD vendor post its acquisition.

[poll id=”2″]

  • Pippo

    They should still give me a lot of money (a former employee)

  • Mauro Rizzetto

    I think for versata the best things will be to sell everything to the more competence and strategic company. They will not to anythings because they don’t have any competences in CAD

  • Mauro Rizzetto

    They promises 1 release a moth?????????
    So, who receive the release?????,
    If yes, works? I never can’t open the zip files ….. bhaaa

  • Guest

    Here company cheated their employees and customers. but no legal action taken from Govt (unfortunately).

  • Anamika

    According to me, none of the employees in India was laid off. Indian management had given time to all of us. Wish, all should get settled down soon & come out of this torture. And let’s pray for the same.
    And coming to the point “BUGS with software”, first management should be cleaned for ‘bugs’ then automatically bugs in software will be removed. It’s a boomerang.

  • Nainar

    For sure Think3 customer base is a favourite hunting ground for competition.How ever small, Think3 had a decent customer base and I hope they come out and send a message to the new management, instead of quietly replacing it so that the potential acquisition of MCAD companies factor in the sentiments of the customers. I did not vote as I am not a Think3 product user but a former employee.

  • Kwakernaak

    I voted, and I am not a customer and never was a former employee. Its a poll and you have a right to vote. Just exercise your right to vote, god damn it!

  • Jim

    I’m a ten year user of Think3 & a permanent license holder, but admittedly a novice to forums. Here goes some comments.
    The recent events have me angry and concerned. Their responses to my inquiries have been very slow, customer service staffing inconsistent, prices increasing, and worst of all, I’ve been informed if I don’t renew my maintenance I will not be left with a license to operate the current revision that I own. I even asked my Think3 account rep. to reconmend a Think3 user group, she knew of none. An internet search turned up this one. Time prevents futher comments, any other think3 users having similiar issues? Care to reply?

  • sid

    Deelip, whats the result of the poll?

    • To see the current results you can click the “View Results” link under the vote button.

  • Filippo Zuccarello

    the company has been renamed to THIEF3

  • Just slide over to for a good replacement 🙂

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  • Interesting that it’s 80% not happy and looking for alternative already!

  • Jhon

    and interesting 2 votes “very happy” : one from Scott Brighton sure…. and the other? I can’t really believe one customer happy for the solution because for now only paid for “nothing” He will have time to realize his mistake.

  • Thanks for your post!