Article In The Herald

This article turned up in today’s Herald, Goa’s local daily. Click the image to enlarge.


  • burhop

    You are going to be hard to live with now ;-)

  • Deelip Menezes

    Hard to live with? My wife actually finds it easier. If you know what I mean. ;-)

  • Amit Phatak

    Generally you have smiling photos everywhere!  Did the Herald photographer forget to say “Smile please” this time ;-) 

  • Sachin Nalawade

    Good article… 

  • Scott Wertel

    I think it is due to distinct lack of alcoholic beverage in his hand.

  • Riley’s Dad

    Gee….and we got to know back in the day.


  • Deelip Menezes

    Scott, I think your explanation sounds better than mine. So let’s stick to yours. ;-)

  • Deelip Menezes

    No. Why should it?

  • Guru

    awesome article.. very well researched…

  • Guru

    FYI… Herald is the largest circulated English Daily of Goa having a circulation
    of 44, 467 copies…. huge.. congrats Deelip…

  • Niraj Thakur

    Congrats Deelip……..

  • Cmon

    Deelip, you’ve gained a good amount of weight, compared to the pic here. time to use your sports shoes ;-)

  • Deelip Menezes

    The thing with prosperity is that it shows up in places it shouldn’t. ;-)

  • Rajeev Lochan

    Congratulations on your feat !!
    You have become an entrepreneurial celebrity in Goa :)

    I suppose its time for you take swimming sessions with your son to conquer Mandovi, to regain your shape :P

  • mahesh

    good one!!!! i see book opencad :step by step guid to write professional CAD application..
    share more info on it….

  • Deelip Menezes
  • Rakesh Rao

    Congratulations! Deelip once again.

    Deelip@3DSystems is going to be Deelip V2. Look forward to the same innovative, fearless insights into every area of CAD. Keep up that trait of yours  intact. That is what has gotten you until here.

    Your success story is unqiue. I do not know of another person who has travelled in their career the way you have and reached this point.


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