Is The SolidWorks V6 Cloud Based CAD Still Alive?

In my last post talking about the new V6 based SolidWorks conceptual design product I wondered whether it was a product that would lead the way for the V6 cloud based replacement of the Parasolid based SolidWorks of today or whether the cloud based V6 product was finally reduced to a conceptual design product. I decided to try and get it straight from the horse’s mouth and sent SolidWorks this pointed question.

“Is SolidWorks still working towards developing the cloud based CAD system that was shown on stage at SolidWorks World 2010?”

I got this reply from Matt West, social media manager of SolidWorks.

“All I can tell you is that the first release of our next generation products is coming next year. It will be complementary to what we do today, and will focus on conceptual mechanical design.”

I believe mine was a pretty simple and straightforward question basically asking whether the company was still working on something that they said they were working on. If they were then I see no harm in saying yes. After all it was their own CEO who stood up on stage three years ago and showed the crowd what the future of the company’s flagship product looked like.

My simple question has three possible answers – “yes”, “no” and “won’t say”. SolidWorks has opted for “won’t say”. It seems to me that the company is pretty happy with all the confusion surrounding SolidWorks V6. And for reasons beyond my comprehension it seems like the company wants the confusion to continue.

However, I did find it interesting to note that Matt used the words “next generation products” (plural), which seems to suggest that apart from the V6 based conceptual design product, there are more V6 based products to come. If one of them is the Parasolid based SolidWorks replacement I’m not sure why the company is feeling shy to say so.

  • Dude. Commas, wonderful things.

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      Eats shoots and leaves.

  • ralphg

    SolidWorks staffers, like the one you quoted, would have undergone extensive media relations training prior to the press day you attended, and prepped by the pr and marketing folks on how to deflect direct questions with vague responses. You hear this from politicians every day.

    After being burned by being mildly explicit on SW V6 three years ago, it is odd that they allow themselves to continue to be burned by being now deliberately obtuse.

    Whatever happened to the old SolidWorks, the one that prided itself at being the most open and friendly with the media (and by extension, its customers)? The “new guard” takes on a whole new meaning.

  • So, let me ask a question.

    If one of your competitors (whether that’s someone at Makerbot or a CAD vendor) asked you the same question about a not-released, forthcoming product, what would you do in the same position mate?
    Think you need to remember you changed the game when you became part of 3D systems and they acquired Alibre.


    • I’m not talking about something top secret here. SolidWorks demoed this to the world three years ago. Nobody’s asking them to give out specific details either. Given the confusion surrounding SolidWorks V6 I’m just asking whether they are still working on it or not.

      Its like asking Apple whether they are still working on something called the iPad because they showed it to the whole world three years ago and it hasn’t reached the market yet.

      I think you get my drift.

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