Graebert Releases Free OnlineMaps For Free Draftsight

Today Graebert released a free plug-in called OnlineMaps for the free version of DraftSight, the 2D AutoCAD clone that they created for Dassault Systemes. The plug-in sits inside the DraftSight user interface as a new menu item.


Clicking the menu item pops up a window where you can search for an address. I searched for “Goa” and zoomed to the 3D Systems office in Porvorim.


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If your drawing doesn’t have a coordinate system defined, you are asked to pick one.


OnlineMaps is a free plug-in. However, you need to activate it just like you need to activate DraftSight. Before you can insert the map into the drawing you will be asked to activate OnlineMaps if not already done so.


Activation needs a Graebert account. After activation the plugin inserts the map into the current drawing as a 2D image.


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Download Links:


OnlineMaps for DraftSight

  • citizen

    Wow, thank you DS and Graebert and the providers of the map content and Deelip for the press release and… well, the whole world I guess…

  • Rachel

    The maps are provided by Esri – Arc GIS
    And are also available in theor free mobile app.

    • Rakesh Rao

      Interesting! This is the first direct free connection between a CAD system and a public domain map.

      Good to see ArcGIS in here. They are the pioneers in the web (and before that, LAN-based) map serving technology, long, long before Google and Apple got into it and became synonymous with maps.

      • nainar

        Have you tried AutoCAD 2014? Such integration with Bing is there already. And it supports a whole range of projected coordinate systems.

      • Gaurav

        Rakesh, AutoCAD2014 is even better.. It has all this functionality already. I have tried what Nainar mentions.. it is amazing..
        Have a look at AutoCAD 2014.

        • Rakesh Rao

          I have not yet tested this feature in AutoCAD 2014, but for a free software, it looks like DraftSight has done a good job at it – to bring in geo-referenced maps,

  • P.R.S. Sivakumar

    Very good to see DraftSight is gaining popularity and recognition.