Disqus Comments

This is a test post to try out the new Disqus comment system that I just installed on this blog.


Actually I planned on deleting this post after I completed my testing. But I think I will keep it.

Disqus adds a lot of cool stuff to your blog’s commenting system. In fact, Disqus is a commenting system all by itself.

The one thing that I liked instantly was the ability to reply to a comment by email. When on the road, with nothing else to do, I check my email on my iPAQ. I get notification emails for comments just posted to my blog but need to actually visit my blog in a browser to be able to comment back. Somehow logging into my blog on my iPAQ freezes up, especially when there are images in the post. Now with Disqus I can simply reply to the comment notification email and my reply gets posted to the blog as a comment. Pretty cool.

I can even delete a comment by simply replying with the word “Delete” in the body.

  • Looks like I have not set up my disqus avatar image.

  • Lets try an anonymous comment

  • Adding a comment by email by replying to a comment notification email. This is cool.

  • Posting a comment by logging into Twitter. And I can tweet this comment as well. Nice.

  • Disqus allows you to moderate by email as well. I am now going to add a spam comment and then delete it by send an email from my iPAQ.

  • This is a spam comment

  • The spam comment has gone. Excellent.

    What else? OK, lets try comment notification emails going out to people other than me.

  • Deelip

    Logged out. Commenting as an ordinary person.


    Another comment by another ordinary person

  • I think I will keep this post. Had initially planned to delete it after testing.

  • Email notifications to people other than myself look good. I guess I am done here.

  • JeffMirisola

    Looks like you're having fun, Deelip. I was surprised you didn't already have it.

  • Just updated my post. The ability to comment by email is really nice.

  • Looking good!

  • Hey there! I signed up for a profile with these guys three years ago when they launched! thought it was a good idea but I haven't seen too many places use it (or then again haven't posted comments too many places either.) I think it's great to have you use this as well. It's a pretty simple and elegant solution.

  • True. Adoption seems a bit slow, this blog including 😉

  • I think that we have so many options these days – FBConnect, Twitter. All these ways. Bottom line is that if you get value out of it as an admin then I would go for it. It's simple enough for us 🙂

  • Figures. Deelip, having a conversation with himself. First signs of dementia showing?

  • More like the last signs of dementia. I am already way out there.

  • cadguy


  • cadguy


  • sandyxxx

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  • Another comment by another ordinary person

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  • Disqus is a great tool, I have it on many of my blogs already. It will only get better in the next few years..Disqus is a popular commenting platform…

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  • Another great thing about disqus is that it seems people comment more! I used Disqus for a long time and switched back to wordpress only to find that I would loose a lot of conversation! I am needless to say switching back now!

  • Disqus is fantastic. I used to have to beg for comments on most of my blogs until I started using Disqus, I don’t know what it is, users love it and find it so much easier to use and we agree with them so it’s a win, win!

  • Gene

    Test to be delted.

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  • Anonymous

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  • I am a big fan of Disqus. It has really made it easier to comment on everything.